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The new COVID19 Emergency Rental Assistance(CERA) program has launched. The CERA program is designed to keep residents who fell behind on their rent during COVID-19 in their homes. Financial assistance is available for renters with their past due rent and utilities. 

Great Lakes Property Management Group is currently doing everything it can to process the landlord applications as quickly as possible for all tenants in need of rental assistance. We ask that you do the same and get the tenant application submitted as soon as possible. Below is a link to the portal with the tenant application and the things that will be needed to submit the application. You will also find the number to the CERA Hotline to ensure that your application was submitted properly and is being processed. 



CERA Hotline: (866) 313-2520


Tenant Documents Needed: 

  • Completed CERA Tenant application:

  • Copy of state ID or passport for the tenant applicant (with proof of residency if address does not match the unit)

  • Most current copy of lease agreement in tenant's name (if a written lease was completed)

    • Great Lakes PMG will submit the lease if you do not have a copy

  • Provide all proof of earned and unearned income for household members that live at the property and that are over the age of 18 (If applicable)

    • Household income/benefits (unemployment, SSI, etc.) for one month, OR

    • Copy of submitted 2020 IRS form 1040 (first two pages) OR

    • Food Assistance Program Notice of Case Action form (only applicable for households with 3 or less people)

  • Copy of ALL utility statements the tenant is responsible for, if applicable

  • Copy of Internet bill/statement, if applicable

  • Tenant ledger/Rent log showing payment history

    • Please text 248-343-0418 or email with Name, Address, and Email to request your rent log.

  • All documents must be submitted in the application portal.

COVID19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program (CERA)

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